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BLS Practice Exam


1. Which of these answers appropriately describes how to perform chest compressions on an adult?


2. You just performed 5 cycles of CPR on an adult. You reassess for a pulse. No pulse is present. What is your next course of action?


3. How long should you check for a carotid pulse on an adult?


4. What is the compression to breath ratio in two-person CPR for an adult?


5. Where should you palpate for a pulse on an unconscious adult during CPR?


6. What is the compression to breath ratio when performing CPR on an infant with two providers?


7. You witness the collapse of an individual having a heart attack. What is your first priority?


8. How many chest compressions a minute should be given to the patient during CPR?


9. Which of these actions is inappropriate when treating a chocking adult?


10. How often should you recheck for a pulse when you are performing rescue breaths on an unconscious patient with a pulse?