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Terms and Conditions for UME: ACLS, PALS, and BLS Renewal Offered

Terms and Conditions

United Medical Education  will be referred to as “we” and/or “us”. ACLSCertificationOnline.org and all of its related pages will be referred to as the “website”. You, the visitor to the website, will be referred to as the “user and/or you”. By using this website (reading any portion of the pages on this website, purchasing any product(s) from this website, using any information obtained from this website, and/or sharing any information from this website) you, the user, agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use: All content and comments on this website is general information and subject to change without notice. The content and information on this website is for theoretical and hypothetical use only, not for real life situations or circumstances. Other sources of content and information should always be used and referenced in your, the user’s, real life situations and circumstances. No warranty or guarantee of any coverage or kind is offered on/by this website and/or by us. Information on this website may include errors and/or inaccuracies and we expressly exclude liability and deny liability for them to the maximum legal degree. It is your, the user’s, responsibility to assure the accuracy of all information found on this website before use in your particular situations and circumstances. Information on this website is to be used at your, the user’s, own risk. You, the user, accept complete liability and risk for your use of any information found on this website in your personal situations and circumstances. Distribution of information found on this website is expressly prohibited. You, the user, accept full liability and risk for any information that you, the user, distribute from this website. No warranty or guarantee of any coverage or kind is offered to those whom you, the user, may distribute the information found on this website, which may contain errors and/or inaccuracies, and we expressly exclude liability for these errors and/or inaccuracies and the actions of those whom you, the user, have distributed the information to the maximum legal degree.

Any free trial period related to purchase will only last for the duration of sixty days or until successful completion of one of the exams from the user’s purchase, whichever comes first. Any refund associated with a money back guarantee is only available to the user within sixty days of purchase or until successful completion of one of the exams from the user’s purchase, whichever comes first. Our courses are completed entirely online and therefore may not meet the requirements of every institution for which you may work or attend. It is your responsibility to assure that our courses, certificates, and provider cards are accepted by your employers, future employers, schools, and future schools prior to purchase of any course and prior to completion of a purchased course. We deny any liability to refund a purchase beyond the before mentioned terms to the free trial period and money back guarantee. All appropriate requests for a refund must be made in email to United Medical Education through our Contact Us page (acls-pals-bls.com/contact-us). Delivery of the electronic provider card to an email address accessible by the user is the responsibility of the user during account creation. Delivery of the hard copy provider card to a physical address accessible to the user is the responsibility of the user during account creation. If either the email address or physical address provided by the user during account creation are not accessible to the user or non-existent the user accepts full liability of failure to receive their provider cards and waive any rights to a refund. Delivery of the hardcopy provider cards is a free service that is not associated with the purchase of the courses or electronic provider cards and so failure to receive a hardcopy version of the user’s provider cards by mail does not make the user eligible for a refund. Links on this website to any external sites should not be considered an endorsement of any external sites. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or products sold through this site is subject to United States law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional fees for yourtraining manuals?

No. There are no additional fees with our courses. The training manuals, instant digital provider card, and shipping are all included in the single original price.

How quickly do I get my digitalprovider card after I take the exam?

Instantly! The test is graded automatically and then the digital provider card is sent to your personal email and user account.

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"As a new nurse, I was looking for a quick online ACLS course before I start my new job the next month, and this website was the perfect place to do that. With the downloadable learning materials and practice tests, I was able to obtain my ACLS provider card within an hour. Plus, the learning materials were concise, thorough, and easy to navigate through. I will definitely use this site again for my PALS and BLS next year when they expire!"
- Marianne Unite RN, BSN Washington
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